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Hydronic Corporation Overview

Hydronic Corporation  - The Company

Air driven fluid pumps and hydraulic power units are core products for Hydronic Corporation. Founded in the 1953, the company manufactured a range of specialist hydraulic components and remote controls. In 1985, under a new and aggressive ownership, the company expanded with its first range of air driven pumps and power packs. Reciprocating piston pumps and high pressure systems became the focus of their business. The company has recently expanded its design capability and enters the 21st century with air driven fluid pumps from 500 PSI to 26,500 PSI. The range includes miniature products for manifold mounting, complete modular power packs off-the-shelf and models covering most flows and pressures for building into sophisticated pumping systems. Hydronic staff work closely with distributor, user and original equipment customers in the manufacturing industry powering clamps, fixtures, presses, lift tables, special purpose and production machines.

Air-Driven Hydraulics as a Technology

Using compressed air to generate high fluid pressure is not a new technology. It is typically the application of low pressure air to a large surface area which exerts force on a smaller surface area exposed to fluid.  This intensifies the fluid pressure to a level that is a multiplier of the ratio of the two areas.  This practice of pressure intensification has been used for many, many years.

However, in recent years, due to advances in sealing technology and the availability of high pressure system components, there has been a need for this "old technology" to be packaged in an energy efficient method and offered as a complete system.

Also, as opposed to single shot intensifiers, these  systems typically have methods of cycling automatically to equal the demand placed on the system from making up for leakage, to reacting to the shifting of a directional control valve.

Hydraulic Power  -  Air Drive or Electric Drive?

Air driven hydraulics have some significant advantages over conventional electric motor or engine driven hydraulics.

  • They are explosion proof.  Additional controls such as motor starters are not required.

  • They will stall and maintain pressure with no energy consumption.

  • They are capable of variable rates of flow.  They react totally to system demand.

  • Fluids of a wide viscosity and compatibility range can be pumped.

  • They do not generate heat from relief valves or case drains.

  • They can be packaged in smaller systems, and can generate "high" pressures economically (individual Hydronic pumps up to 26,500 PSI).

Hydronic can offer a wide range of components, systems and accessories to meet all of your exact requirements.

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