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This unit is a conventional single shot, air-over-oil intensifier booster that does not have the ability to automatically make up for system leakage or usage. It does incorporate a large double-acting air cylinder with three ratios available, providing pressures to 6400 PSI and oil volume displacement of up to 10 cubic inches. An integral transparent reservoir allows for visual indication of oil level and availability.

Typical applications include clamping, punching, marking and riveting equipment.

M850 Features:

  • Double acting air/oil booster
  • This unit can be mounted horizontally and vertically (reservoir must be oriented for vertical mounting)
  • Integral reservoir
  • Cost effective method of developing high pressure hydraulics (where the unit does not need automatic oil makeup like the "P" pumps are capable of)
  • Excellent for use in conjunction with high force, low stroke actuators
  • 360° availability of oil ports and automatic air venting

Download P850 Product Brochure (PDF)

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