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The P901 range of pumps is designed to be used in conjunction with manifolds utilizing cartridge valves or D03 type valves in order to reduce costs, envelope sizes and threaded joints. They are built for a long, steady and reliable service in a wide range of industrial applications.

The modular concept encompasses the latest in seal technology as well as established and durable metal ball type check valves. The air drive section is double acting, a feature which eliminates the need for large springs to return the piston assembly. This mechanism avoids the waste of energy associated with a spring return type and allows more of the air energy to be turned into hydraulic performance.

Clamping and workholding applications, as well as other areas where hydraulic pressure has to be held for periods of time, benefit from the seven models currently available. Flows up to 1 GPM and pressures up to 10,000 PSI can be achieved easily and quietly from the various ratio models. Where higher outputs are required, two different models can be arranged on the same manifold to provide high flows and high pressures. This hydraulic performance would be needed where a large bore cylinder is required to extend under low load and only the last part of the stroke provides the clamping force.

For maximum ease of installation, the P901 models can be mounted vertically or horizontally and the air drive body can be rotated through three 90° positions around the hydraulic section. This allows the air valve/manifold assembly to be set in the most advantageous place.

The maximum speed of the unit is controlled by careful gallery sizing to approximately 400 cycles per minute. This maintains the life of the seals to their full term, as well as avoiding the collision damage normally associated with single acting devices.

P901 Features:

  • High performance, double acting pneumatic motor
  • Miniature sizes with good flow rates per minute
  • Self limiting design for maximum cyclic speeds
  • Pressure sustaining feature for clamping and workholding
  • Manifold interface eliminates screwed connections
  • Reservoirs and custom manifolds available
  • Complete power units with valves, reservoirs, air regulators and gauges available

Download P901 Product Brochure (PDF)

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